Minnesota Pet Expo - Participant Feedback

Minnesota Pet Expo - Participant Feedback

quotel Overall a good experience. quoter
Organo Gold

quotel Very good attendance. quoter
Hills Science Diet

quotel Good variety of vendors and rescues. quoter
Animal Wellness/Secondhand Hounds

quotel Very well planned and had a great turnout. quoter
Argosy University

quotel Everything was great with Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
Long Dog Apparel

quotel We all enjoyed the event. The staff was very friendly and excellent. quoter
TLC Canine Rescue

quotel It was great to help so many people with their preventative care needs. It was a great happy and safe environment. quoter
KindestCut LLC

quotel The event was awesome! quoter

quotel There is so much family fun during this event! I would recommend this expo for anyone who loves their four legged fur babies!! quoter
Rio Gran Grooming School

quotel It was a great show! quoter
Posh Pooch Pet Salon

quotel Great experience, a very nice venue and easy access to parking. quoter
North Star Shih Tzu Rescue

quotel This was my first expo. All of the staff was amazing to work with – both before, during, and after. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. quoter
Balanced Body Chiropractic MN, P.A.

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos staff is meticulous in the attention to my company’s needs. Love you all! quoter
Dogger Jogger

 quotel The traffic was wonderful everywhere.quoter
Healthy Coat – Judy

quotel The event was very good and we had lots of traffic. quoter
Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program – Anna

quotel We love that your staff is always willing to answer questions and help. quoter

Banfield Pet Hospital – Angie

quotel The event was awesome! quoter

MN Pocket Pet Rescue – Ellen

quotel This was a fabulous opportunity to get more exposure for my iguana rescue. quoter
Resource for Iguana Care and Adoption – Kathy

quotel Wasn’t fit for our type of sales but the show was ran with good communication and people all throughout the show.” quoter
Innovative Basement Systems – Jim

quotel The Pet Expo allows like-minded people to show off their amazing work. Shelters, Rescues and advocacy organizations get the public involved and the public becomes more informed about animals! quoter

Animal Rights Coalition – Dallas

quotel Wonderful show, lots of people! quoter

Invisible Fence – Angie

quotel We cannot wait for the two day event next year! quoter

The Wildcat Sanctuary – Tammy

quotel We love this expo more than the other ones we attend. Lots of great exhibitors and employees. quoter

Across America Boxer Rescue – Darren

quotel The event was awesome! quoter

Balanced Body Chiropractic MN – Dr. Jen Skelton

quotel We will be back next year! quoter
Scoopypoo K9 Connection – Brianna

quotel Great event! quoter
Dogs on Deployment – Stephanie

quotel We look forward to next year’s event.quoter
TC’s Pet Corner – Theresa

quotel This was our first time exhibiting and we will most certainly do it next year! quoter
Feline Rescue – William

quotel Family friendly event. Great deals on retail. A variety of services for everyone. Staff is around the event helping vendors with all their needs. They are very efficient, friendly and very nice people. quoter

Shiny Happy People – Beth

quotel The crowd was great! Everyone is so happy and excited. We received lots of great exposure.quoter
Ugly Mutt – Chelsea

quotel Much better turn out than last year! quoter
Northland Natural Pet – Missy

quotel It was a great show! I could tell that the show was advertised a lot based on the big crowds of people it drew in! quoter
Custom Remodelers Inc – Cassi

quotel We love attending this expo each year. The crowd is wonderful and the events are so much fun! We look forward to this expo every year. quoter

Rio Grooming – Karen

quotel The staff was great and always on hand to answer questions. The booth placement was right by the area for the agility and rally. Lots of people were interested in the 4-H dog project. quoter
Minnesota 4-H Dog Project – Debra

quotel We love this show. quoter
Corner of Kindness Animal Rescue – Taylor

quotel Pet Expo staff was very helpful and accommodating. quoter

Friends of Animal Adoptions – Kendra

quotel This is a great event for pets lovers of all types, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles! quoter

Snake Discovery – Emily

quotel I enjoyed myself very much. quoter
Purrfect Portraits – Ruth

quotel The Pet Expo staff was very easy to work with. They answered questions promptly both prior to the event and during the show. quoter

Aurora Surfaces – Peggy

quotel The event was very fun. quoter

Argosy University – Kelsey

quotel Negativity isn't warranted. Despite less vendors, I thought the organizers did a good job, and the rescues present took a lot of time prepping. As one of the vendors educating about breeding operations (mills), I am disgusted that anyone would think that is a waste of time. We spend time and money to do these things. Thank you to the planners of the Pet Expoquoter
- Katelynn J V Arndt, via Facebook

quotel I loved it! I liked the caricatures at the state farm booth, free admission, meeting the rescue groups! quoter
- Jenna Norton, via Facebook

quotel I loved seeing a variety of animals this year! From rabbits, horses, snakes, and other critters! Spencer the Goldendoodle had a blast and is already sleeping. Thank you to everyone who worked on setting this event up as well as all the companies and organizations. Great to see what is out there. quoter
- Brittany Phillips, via Facebook

quotel I loved the generosity of the vendor booths! quoter
- Lillian Lis, via Facebook

quotel Seeing all of the different animals and being able to meet the different rescues.
Philip Henrichs Jr. I loved the variety of rescues, vendors and animals at the event. Found lots of great toys and other fun stuff for our cats. quoter
- Lynn Melco, via Facebook

quotel Loved it! Anytime my furbabies are welcome its a great day! I loved seeing people doing good things for animals ! That puppy mill cage broke my heart! #adoptdontshop quoter
- Amber Renee, via Facebook

quotel We loved the bunnies and that everybody was allowed to bring their own pets!!!
Sammi Jo Simonson The vendors that weren't pet related showed great attitude toward the dogs. 
Being a Rottweiler owner I love when people show my dog love.quoter
- Joanna Pluszcz, via Facebook

quotelPeople were very friendly.quoter
Hawaiian Moon

quotelVery organized. We will be back.quoter
Great Plains Pointer Rescue

quotelWe were very impressed with the professional staff. We felt we were bring exposed to the population that we wanted to reach. Really enjoyed our sales and the other exhibitors were friendly and helpful.quoter
Minnesota 4-H Dog Project

quotelFor an event that is only a few years old in our area, the staff is doing a great job promoting it. The vendors are friendly and there's a wide variety of things to see, animals to cuddle, and products to buy. We will be back next year!quoter
Shiny Happy People

quotelShout out to Brittney! Always pleasant to work with.quoter

quotelGreat crowd!quoter
The Lasik Vision Institute

quotelThe Pet Expo is a great opportunity to learn about many great products and mingle with other animals lovers! We hope to come back in the future!quoter
The Cafe Meow, LLC

quotelWe love attending the Minnesota Pet Expo each year; the turnout if great and the atmosphere is wonderful. We look forward to next years Minnesota Pet Expo!quoter
Rio Grooming

quotelGreat, as always.quoter
Northland Nautral Pets

quotelI loved it! Especially knowing this is one of the smaller Amazing Pet Expos!”
Healthmate Forever

quotel I thought it was great! So many cool animals and the vendors were so generous with their gifts. I worked the Mobile-Mutts booth for a couple hours and we met lots of great people! Animal lovers are a happy group. Great job! quoter
- Mary MacCarthy, via Facebook

quotel I had a blast running Snake Discovery LLC's booth at Reptile Row! I think it was a great turnout. quoter
-Emily Roberts, via Facebook

quotel Fun and free event. Loved the Pug in the car, loved the wiener dog races and the many adoption or rescue booths! quoter
- Cady Miller, via Facebook

quotel My goldendoodle was most interested in the large bunny & was not sure what to think of the miniature pony. Stella liked people watching. It was nice to get their nails trimmed. quoter
- Jackie Raeburn Handt, via Facebook

quotel It was great seeing all the different animals!!! All of it was great!!!quoter
Sue Anderson 

quotelWe enjoyed the expo... it was nice seeing all of the various animals and mingling with others that enjoy animals. quoter
- Nikkol Rogers Goetzke, via Facebook

quotel I liked being able to drive around and spread love, without running over anybody!!! Had lots of fun!! Lexi the Pug. quoter
- Jim Anderson, via Facebook

quotel It was mine and my pups first time and it was great! Great vendors that shared not only knowledge but product as well! The other people attending were also fantastic! My pup is well behaved but fearful when strangers try to approach her and I was beyond happy to have so many people respect her enough to ask permission! Thank you! quoter
- Amanda Noll, via Facebook

quotel I wished there were more things to do. I stayed for almost two hours and didn't see any races or shows frown emoticon but it was better then last years!! I think the pug in the car and winning a free bag of litter was the best part smile emoticon. quoter
- Jessica Tilly, via Facebook

quotel The expo was very well ran and well organized. quoter
Peaceful Valley General Store

quotel It was very well organized, every one was very nice and helpful and checked in multiple times during the show to see if I needed anything. quoter
Pet Dermatology Clinic

quotel As a vendor we look forward to great shows like this. This year was our first year at this show and it definitely exceeded our expectations! Great staff and crowd, we look forward to next year! quoter
Custom Remodelers Inc


"GoodDoggie Boutique! Incredible customer service providing assistance sizing no-pull harness purchased at expo that works like magic. The expo and convention center personnel/staff were excellent. Shorty's presentation was great- would have been easier to hear if the drunk couple next to me wouldn't have been shouting, but I digress. Overall a very fun event."

"So cool to see family with their different dogs. I got a dog bike waking adaptor and was able to see it used with my dog. ( I was worried my dog would be afraid of it, he loved it) thanks dogger jogger"

"The Doxie races and the free nail trim for my dog."

"Seeing all the dog rescues. The different dog foods. The strange breed combinations, but beautiful unique dogs!"

"We talked to a lot of nice vendors and rescues. I met a lot of nice dogs. The agility demo was fun."

"The whole things was very nice and very well put together! I really love meeting the people that are the real magic behind the amazing MN rescues we have here and seeing all the pooches all around was amazing! Thank you guys for such a great event! Can't wait for the next one!!"

"Attended with my friends, Curry, Brian, & Josh along with my pug Boo & we all had a wonderful time."

 "All the love and attention my pups got!!! Yay! Sleeping well tonight."

"I loved seeing how many people really do care about the animals!!! I hope so many of them find homes!"

"I loved seeing so many people who love animals! I wish I could have adopted one of the cats. Please do this again!"

"Louie from Furever home rescue booth says thank you everyone for all the pets and kisses and treats and would love for you to sign up as a volunteer to foster so more dogs like him can be saved and cats"

"I loved seeing all the rescue dogs."

"I loved the fact that the owners could bring their pets! I guess more vendors would be great, also more activities for the kids!!!"

"the great vendors, fun treats, meeting new dogs and awesome people! thanks for a fun rainy morning! let's do this again next year!"

"Park Grove Pet Hospital!! And all the amazing and creative vendors! It's always fun to see new ideas!"

"We love our new leash! Thanks Good Doggie!"

"It was nice to be able to bring our pet And see everyone with their pets. Wish there were more vendors like in previous years. It was still fun."

"I loved that we were able to bring our pets! My dog enjoyed meeting other dogs and receiving treats. I absolutely LOVED that I was able to get her shots and grooming updated, you all were very friendly and informative. We need more events like these, thank you!"

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